Instrument Lathes
The beginnings of our Instrument Lathe Line 1949
The first lathe in our Instrument Lathe Line was introduced in 1949.This line of lathes has gone through many changes and continued improvements .By 1954 the Instrument Lathe Line included the Model 750 and the Model A .These units both Ball Bearing with Machine Tool Grade ABEC 7 precision bearings . The Model A unit was first developed to turn contact lenses and has a 12.7 m/m 1/2" capacity
More accurate Instrument Lathes
In 1982 we renewed our commitment to more accurate Instrument Lathes with higher spindle speed capability.To accomplish this we improved the design of many of the high grade grey iron castings both standard and meehanite process.We improved manufacturing methods and we cut most tolorances in half. This enabled us to cut the spindle TIR in half. This campaign continues with on going improvements and design changes.
Derbyshire Model 750 Instrument lathe 1982
Double Tool Cross Slide
Many Screw feed slide rests and Rack and Pinion operated Slides have been produced over the years. The Double Tool Slide shown is the version first introduced in 1986 this unit is available as a single axis with the option of adding an additional axis if needed .It also enables the operator to position Both the front and rear tool block to the optimum position
Wide Variety of Accessories and Attachments
All Derbyshire instrument Lathes can be equipped with the appropriate accessories. Manual screw feed slide units,Rack and pinion operated single or compound slides,a variety of collet holding tailstocks, semi automatic six station turrets,lever type collet closes and more.
Model A Cabinet Lathe Unit