Small Gang Tooled CNC
Tooling on 1986 Model 800 CNC
In 1986 we developed our first CNC lathes .The first Two The Model 800 and the Model 900 were introduced December 1986. These units were the First Gang Tooled CNC Lathes to use Removable Interchangeable Top Tool Plates. These Tool Plates were held inplace by dovetails with a pull up gib.These Lathes were advertized in 1987 in major trade magazines. Later in 1987 we improved the stiffness,rigidity and accuracy of these lathes making a 20 millionth's of an inch resolution standard. The first of these units was the Model 1000 with a 5C spindle that was introduced at the 1987 EASTEC show in Springfield Ma. This machine featured a air actuator type collet closer and a INTERCHANGEABLE TOP TOOL PLATE that would accept the HC chucker type of tooling .
The Model 800 shown was designed to use our Magnus/Elect collets 5/16" (8.0 m/m) max. dia. this unit was first invisioned to manufacture fiber optic connectors. The Model 900 unit has a 1/2" (12.7 m/m) max. capacity.
1986 Model 800 CNC Lathe
Continued Improvements
The Model 1000 shown has a 1 1/16 " (27 m/m) max. capacity
At the time of the introduction of the Model 1000 many improvements were made the X Axis travel was increased the System resolution was up graded to .00002 " ( 20 millionth's of an inch)The slides were improved and so was the tooling system while retaining the same tooling concepts as the original Model 800.
 Model 1000
This ad was us ed at the launch of the Model 1000 national ad campaign
1988 Ad